About us

About us

About us


at641 was founded in the year 2017, we are an urban community whose name is inspired by the pin-code of Coimbatore and hence it makes perfect sense that our goals are oriented towards aspiring ambition among the people of Coimbatore. We have always been up to bringing out the unseen and furnishing a platform to portray the passion of the individuals living in the city. at 641 is a networking hub with 11 spheres of activity building up simultaneously. The 11 are split up into 6 services, 4 factors and 1 cafe. We are the one place in the city where everybody can hang loose and chill out for we have loads of good cheer for every being in the society.

Why Us ?


To put together a place where everyone can go with the flow and be themselves in the happy-go-lucky environment.

To help take off sprouting talents and function as a launchpad for masteries while being a stepping stone to success.

To serve as a networking hub through the trail of socializing for the city of Coimbatore.


To address challenges and untangle the mess for people with passion and candid skill in Coimbatore.

To blow bubbles of positivity into the mindsets of people and embrace togetherness.

To encircle value, multiply respect and honor every career path in addition to the prevailing mainstream professions.


We value trust and relationships.
We will give our best to everyone.
We are a team, we take care of our own.
We lead by example, serve with integrity.
We are reliable professionals with a personal approach.
We empower individuals to form stronger teams.
We keep things simple and minimal.
We think quality, practise equality.
We give solutions, not problems.
We give results, not excuses.


CEO – @641

Passion : SCAM ( Sports, Cinema, Arts, Music )
Life goal : to keep SCAMming

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